imagine cumming so hard you start screaming the chorus of kiss from a rose during climax

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asker Thats cool does he make your booty clap like a thunderstorm when he takes your cakes to pound town?


"Refuse To Lose"
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this line up is fucked up

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this line up is fucked up
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tbh people spend so much time seeking love and romance they just get overwhelmed and confused when something feels good. i’m not perfect, i’ve tried to give a name to a feeling long before it was real, but never with love. you don’t fuck with love. love is supposed to be this big fireworks slap in the mouth of joy, but all it means to anyone anymore is that the cute girl you’re talking to thinks you have a cool band shirt collection or because the cute guy you skype calls you pet names and it makes you feel important. that’s not love, that’s rad, but it’s not love. patience is really important in life, not just with this particular subject, but if you want something to be right you have to be patient.

it makes me actual mad when people are in relationships for long periods and they develop real love for that person, eventually break up, rebound immediately, and then talk about how they’re soooo0o0o in loooove w their rebound like 2 weeks later. i’ve seen so many of my friends do this recently and i’m so grossed out by it like we’re fucking adults get it together, you destroy whatever slight meaning is left by doing this i swear

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Set It Off 
Set It Off (advance promo copy)

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Angel Du$t

7/8/14 @ RBU

such a good show

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