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The Moon sets behind the temple of Poseidon at Sounio 

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honestly i understand the nerves that come alongside booty calling someone who lives with hella people but if you can’t even set down your beer to shake the hand of the (fellow woman) who introduces herself as the owner of the house you’re about to get laid in you’re just disrespectful i don’t give a shit about your shyness if you can’t shake my hand in my home just saying


don’t push people away when you get scared you’ll never build courage that way

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Asked by Anonymous

asker i want some pictures of your body

dare you to say that within 100 miles of my giant boyfriend if you’ve got a deathwish tbh

i definitely just picked up a sandwich and started eating it in the middle of an orgasm it was tight

being horny in non-horny places: the musical

the last 3 things in my google search history are “chris farley in a wig” “metallica no leaf clover” and “is my vagina dying” fuck you

"Why Be Something That You're Not"
Negative Approach
Total Recall
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Cold World
How the Gods Chill
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